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Kasthamandap Bhandar

Pustakari Premium

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This Pustakari
is purely made out of Milk, Khuwa, Ghee, Sugar and some masalas. It is darkened and is in a bit harder form then other normal pustakaris.
Its taste is similar to that of Mathura Peda but smaller in shape and size fit for mouth.

Pustakari can be consumed at any time of the day whenever you feel low or feel hungry. It can act as a hard coffee which you do not need to sip all the time.

the name itself means health food. 

The main reason for the special packing is so it can be taken anywhere. It can be kept well at home and also it looks really good to give it as a gift to someone as a packet of love.

is mostly eaten during winter season as in summer it doesn't get its hardened form it needs. Also, as it gives much heat to the body consuming too much in summer time can give over heating to body.