About Us.

Kasthamandap Bhandar has been a traditional sweet and snack shop which was started by forefathers of current generation.
Since the time of Malla's Period in Nepal, the countries civilians were divided into several casts and these casts were allotted in such a way that each casts had their own work to do. Thus, Sweet Making were done by Rajkarnikar who were typically a Newari people who learnt the skills of making sweets to general public as well as the Royal families. Beginning from simple daily items like Swari, Jeri, Malpuwa, Sel to learning the skills of making Lakhamari from their own inheritance and available raw products. The simple Peda, Laddu and Barfi etc were created as time progressed. 

Also few products were learnt from traveling to different parts of India or recruiting man power from there, like Lalmohan, Rasbary, Banarasi Peda etc

Below are some earlier photographs of the locality of how it looked few decades back.

In Front of Kasthamandap Temple West Side

Fruit Shop Near Kasthamandap Temple

Kasthamandap Fruit Shop


Garud Statue east side in front of Kasthamandap Temple

Garud Statue


View from Basantapur Side

View from Basantapur


Way to Bhindya

Way to Bhindya


An Old Kasthamandap Temple

Kasthamandap Temple


A Way to Basantapur and Kasthamandap from Hanuman Dhoka

Hanuman Dhoka Way


People waiting for Chariots of Ganesh, Bhairab and Kumari from Singha Satah

Sinhlya Satah


An old Painting of Hanuman Dhoka. Credits written on Picture


An Old Painting of Kumari Ghar, and an old palace before it was destroyed and Gaddi Baithak was made instead. This art is of during a Holi season

Basantapur Painting


Street vendors and shops at the back side of Kasthamandap Temple

Back Side of Kasthamandap Temple


Few Days old Photograph of Kaal Bhairab at Hanuman Dhoka

Kaal Bhairab


Kathmandu Ganeshsthan and way to Maruhiti. date written on picture

Kathmandu Ganesthan


People selling fruits below the temple in front of Kasthamandap Temple Picture should be of around 1960s.

Kasthamandap Temple

Houses Infront of Atka Narayansthan.

Atka Narayansthan

On the Way to Hanuman Dhoka from Indra Chowk. Taleju Temple is see on this picture.

Taleju Temple

First Film Hall of Kathmandu

Film Hall


Not Sure of Where this is but some claim to be just in front of Bhimsensthan


A Pencil Sketch of old Kasthamandap Temple.

Sketch of Kasthamandap Temple


And Finally the old shop where the current shop still remains Kasthamandap Bhandar


Picture above are from various sources and respected owners can claim their right or we can give them credit here if needed do write to us about it.