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Kasthamandap Bhandar

Peda Regular

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As we all know is a delicious sweet that has been in a delicacy among sweets. Peda is made from Pure Milk. Milk which is turned into Khuwa and then Khuwa is stirred and added sugar, flavor, and also some nuts, Kesari, or any such special spices that bring out the wholesome taste to it.
There are different forms of Peda and lots of designs like a shape of mandala or heart shape and some are also created with god and goddess form designs.
Pedas are also used as an offerings to Religious Deities and are offered in a form of Prasad to People once it has been re-covered after a certain time as offering to Deities. 

Kasthamandap bhandar has 5 to 6 different Peda designs with different tastes on a regular basis.

Regular Peda and Popular Mandala design Peda are made in large sizes according to customers need for the occasions such as Puja or Marriage Ceremonies. Saipata and Supari Set also consists Peda.