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Kasthamandap Bhandar

Motichoor Laddu

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Motichoor Laddu or popularly known as bundiya laddu is another sweet product that is made of besan. 

Motichoor laddu are soft, delicious balls that melt in the mouth.  Main ingredient that are used to make these laddu are gram flour,  ghee, sugar, and spices
Thou these are similar in ingredients with Booniya Laddu the booniya in Booniya laddu is larger and in Motichoor laddu it is very tiny.

The name Motichoor itself means tiny pearl like.

This is a famous sweet that is generally distributed among relatives, collogues or in schools whenever they pass their exams, or get promotion or succeed in getting a job or any other type of happy events takes place.

Sizes: Larger sizes are also available according to customers need.