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Kasthamandap Bhandar


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a typical newari sweet which is a traditional sweet among Nepali culture. It has two different taste according to its crunchiness and softness but has many varieties according to shape and sizes.
Lakhamari is made of Rice Flour, Black gram, sesame seed and sugar. The main distinction of taste comes of how it is cooked and right amount of ingredients mixture.
Lakhamari is a popular sweet and is consumed by all aged people. The softer ones are more prefered by older people and crunchy ones by younger ones.

Lakhamari is the main sweet used for Marriage Ceremonies.

The Name Lakha Mari itself is derived because this sweet dish is a main dish that is put to display along with many other foods and gift items taken as sagun from Groom's side to the Bride as a Supari.

The Shelf Life of a sealed packet is 3 to 4 months.